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April Update Sneak Peek – Seeing Stars

Hey Drifter fans,

I’m Hunter, and I’ve recently had the privilege of joining the team here at Drifter as lead producer. I’ll be helping out with our blog posts on the site until we find someone who is actually qualified. Be sure to stay tuned here for much more frequent updates about all of our projects. Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook are also great ways to keep in touch. Let’s jump right in and give you a sneak peek at some of the content we have planned for our Gunheart April update!

Games are fun, but they’re even more fun when you can prove to your friend that you’re better at it than them. Introducing a way to do that in Gunheart! The Job Goblin is getting a makeover, and as part of that, we’re adding a new three star system. Stars are earned three different ways:

  • complete the job
  • complete the job on Elite mode
  • complete the speedrun


Most of you out there should be able to get that first star pretty quickly, but you’ll find Elite mode and the speedrun to be formidable (based on the sobbing we’ve heard coming from the QA department). We’re doing a few other things to make the game more punishing fun for all of you.

  • You’ll find money pumps will be more difficult after the next release, so you better get in there now and take advantage. Soon you’ll have to earn that cash!
  • Oh and hoppers can fly now. Those enemies that have been running around with wings … they’ll use them now to shoot you better. We’ll probably keep calling them hoppers. 


Considering all the dying you’ll be doing, we updated the death sequence. How can you call your game Gunheart if there isn’t a big, awesome beating heart prominently featured on your death screen? Well you can’t, so we have that now.

Last but not least, there is a host of changes coming to PVP this month. We’re updating maps, tuning weapons, adjusting weapon locations, and a bunch of other stuff to make shooting friends and strangers alike more satisfying.

This is only the tip of the iceberg for our April update. We’ll do our usual thing and release a video when the update goes live and tell you about all the other cool stuff.

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Multitool Overview, aka let’s have fun with physics!

Brian and Kenneth take minute to chat about the the multitool which allows you to grab physical objects in Gunheart. Use objects as impromptu shields, chuck explosive barrels at pesky bad guys, or even pop the heads off enemies when they get in your face.

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VRFOCUS Interview

VRFOCUS posted our E3 interview with Mister Ray Davis.

What’s Better Than a First-Person Shooter? A Online Co-op First Person Shooter

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Gunheart Locomotion Overview

Describing the various ways you can move about in Gunheart, using both teleportation and strafing. Also briefly covers support for playing while seated in addition to normal standing/roomscale play.