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Open Positions

If you've been looking for the chance to work elbow to elbow with some of this industry's fiercest contributors in a nimble, quality-driven environment, our door is open. Come on in. 

To apply to any of our open positions please email your resume and any relevent content to Please include the position you're applying for in the subject line. We look forward to hearing about you.




Senior VFX Artist

As a senior VFX artist on the Drifter team, you’ll be working with a small, capable game development team delivering cutting edge visual effects to an exciting, unannounced VR title.   


  • - Work with the Art Director and the immediate creative team to craft industry leading VR content.   
    - Create, from vision to execution, real-time VFX content for environments, characters, and weapons.
    - Manage optimization of VFX in a technically constrained environment at a high level of quality.
    - Be point of contact and manager for any external FX resources.
    - Mentor junior effects artists.



  • - Portfolio and reel demonstrating strong, real-time FX competency.
    - Good communication skills and collaborative spirit.
    - Able to work independently and self-manage VFX development.
    - 5+ years of experience creating industry leading real-time FX for AAA games.
    - Strong proficiency in UE4, Cascade, and the Material Editor.
    - VR experience a plus.
    - Competency in high-end mobile development a plus.
    - Experience with external particle systems and editors (IE: Houdini) a plus.
    - Blueprint experience in UE4 and plus.
  • - Understanding of UE4's lighting system a plus.

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Senior Technical Artist 

As a senior Technical artist on the drifter team, you’ll be working with a small, capable art team with Lighting, Materials, and overall quality content implementation on an exciting, unannounced VR title.  


  • - Work with the art team to craft industry leading VR content.
    - Create and communicate technical art guidelines across the project
    - Develop tools to expedite content development
    - Ensure high quality and optimal content creation across the project, including rendering and lighting.
    - Develop and manage art pipelines.
    - Organize and drive optimization efforts across the art team


  • - Portfolio and reel demonstrating deep understanding of real-time content creation.
    - Good communication skills and collaborative spirit.
    - High velocity, self-reliant problem solver.
    - Extensive experience in content creation tools, such as Maya, Zbrush, etc
    - Knowledge of one or more scripting languages.
    - 5+ Years of experience in AAA game development.
    - Strong proficiency in UE4, especially rendering, lighting and blueprint.
    - VR experience a plus.
    - Competency in high-end mobile development a plus
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