Being a Drifter doesn't just mean being an employee; it means being part of a team, and we make sure everyone on our team is well taken care of. This means benefits like health insurance for you and your family with the premium fully covered by us, as well as dental and vision insurance. We've also got unlimited PTO, a great location in Seattle, and of course a well-stocked fridge.



Open Positions

If you've been looking for the chance to work elbow to elbow with some of this industry’s fiercest contributors in a nimble, quality-driven environment, this is it! Please send your resume and any applicable work examples to with the position in your subject line, and we'll reach out to you if it looks like you'll be a good fit. We look forward to hearing from you!



Lead Character TD/Rigger

As Lead Character TD at  Drifter, you’ll be working with the Animation Director and discipline leads to stand up an animation style and vision for an exciting, unannounced title. If you've been looking for the chance to work elbow to elbow with some of this industry’s fiercest contributors, in a nimble, quality-driven environment, our door is open.  Come on in. 


  • Create and maintain animation rigs (characters and hard surface)  in Maya
  • Create tools and scripts that will help animators and artists to be more productive and efficient in production
  • Work in collaboration with animators and artists, identifying and solving problems, to assist and maintain efficient  production pipelines and workflows
  • Provide technical support to the art and design teams
  • Build and manage a small team of character TDs as the project evolves


  • Comprehensive Python and MEL scripting experience on shipped game titles or in a related field
  • 8+ Years of experience in creating industry leading animation rigs, tools and pipelines
  • 5+ Years of building and managing technical teams in the triple A space
  • Extensive knowledge of Maya and creating flexible animation rigs to match the animation style (stylized and/or realistic characters) of the game
  • Excellent knowledge of human and creature anatomy and muscle deformation as well as mechanical and hard surface systems
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience with motion capture implementation and retargeting a plus
  • UE4 experience a plus
  • Must be authorized to work in the US



Mission Design Scripter

We’re looking for an experienced game designer to design and implement combat encounters, environmental puzzles, and scripted events to create an emotionally memorable journey for the player.  The mission design scripter will work closely with creative leadership to bring the world of the game world to life.  

We are looking for someone with lots of hands on experience crafting encounters, scripting AI behaviors, and building narratively and emotionally impactful sequences for modern shooters.

The ideal candidate will have at least 5 years experience shipping great games as a designer, scripting and implementing game systems.  They will be exceptionally good at expressing their ideas both by articulating the story of a feature through words and expressing ideas visually. They will have the ability to prototype features in engine, test assumptions, and work with art and engineering toward high quality throughout production.

A passion for modern shooters and a deep understanding of their underlying gameplay systems is a must.


  • Drive creation of engaging and fun mission content (objectives, narrative, combat)
  • Work closely with creative leadership to prototype, implement, and iterate on mission designs and combat encounters
  • Balance narrative goals with combat pacing and level structure
  • Outline narrative beats, dialog, and cinematic events across missions


  • Must have shipped one title or have equivalent experience
  • Experience scripting and prototyping features in engine (experience with UE4, Blueprints experience is a plus)
  • Some kind of awesome form of expressing ideas (you could be a good writer, skilled illustrator, video maker, or any other exceptional way of expressing ideas)
  • Narrative design chops a plus


Senior Gameplay Engineer

We are looking for a Senior Gameplay Engineer to work with a small team on an exciting unannounced next-gen shooter title. As a Gameplay Engineer at Drifter you would work closely with all disciplines to help design and implement gameplay systems in our titles.


  • Spearhead implementation and design of gameplay systems project wide, including AI, player weapons, player locomotion and more
  • Work closely with design team to collaborate and iterate on core gameplay systems
  • Architect and frame forward thinking, extensible, and scalable gameplay systems to enable and guide production
  • Optimize and streamline systems game-wide to hit performance targets across multiple platforms


  • Shipped one or more AAA games in a professional gameplay-centric role
  • Strong C++ skills
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4  
  • Experience with game performance and optimization